Jamaican Jills is a favourite with foodies of Neath and Swansea, and we have now expanded into Uplands! Introducing Jamaican Jills: Food Fusion, combining the Caribbean food we’re already known for with more traditional Welsh and British dishes, like full breakfasts and jacket potatoes.

The decor is very much floral and rustic, rather than in-your-face bright, colours.

We wanted to combine a look that is on-trend with the Jamaican ambiance. We have a painting of a beach on the wall, which people would associate with Jamaica. But it’s also a colonial boutique.

The music is laid-back Jamaican, and outside there’s a patio area for al fresco dining, complete with a flame-effect patio heater.

A lot of food on offer is available in “Welsh” or “Jamaican” – so you can have a lamb shank which is plain, or with jerk.

British jacket potatoes are cheese, beans, tune and chilli, or the Jamaican ones are reggae mince, five bean curry, jerk chicken, and curry chicken.

Our flagship Jamaican dish is the goat curry, which might sound unusual to those who haven’t eaten the animal before, but it really needs to be tried! Goat is very similar to lamb, in its feel and texture. It is slow cooked, and melts in the mouth. People love it once they’ve tried it.

We also do chicken curry and five bean curry for vegetarians, and even though we use the same mix, the colour and taste is different for each one.

There’ll also be a daily specials board outside, so every day is a surprise!