A True Taste Of Jamaica

No place in Swansea has an atmosphere quite like Jamaican Jill’s. Buzzy, welcoming and family friendly, this independent restaurant really succeeds in bringing rays of feel-good Jamaican sunshine to the city.

From leisurely family meals (complete with board games for the kids) through to cocktails and dancing to the sound of live steel drums, owner Bernie Davies has created a truly unique and special venue. It’s clear from the outset that this is the real deal.

Bernie grew up in Jamaica, and she has really put heart and soul into making Jamaican Jill’s as authentic as possible. Having married Welshman Mark and settled in Wales, she treasures being an ambassador for Jamaican culture.

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Jamaican Feel-Good

Food and Events

“I wanted to put across a broader view of Jamaica than people might have seen before, creating a place that is wholesome and family friendly that gives a really delightful taste of the food and culture. Yes, we have Bob Marley, jerk chicken and lovely drinks but there is so much more besides.

“I am very blessed to be able to share my culture and food every day and to experience it myself every day.”

On the menu are freshly cooked renditions of Bernie’s own tried and tested recipes including her ever popular goat curry; slow cooked oxtail with butterbeans and coconut; ackee fruit and salt fish (Jamaica’s national dish); burgers, and an excellent selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes including callaloo (Jamaica’s alternative to spinach) with mushrooms; five bean curry; and mixed vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce. Children get to order generous smaller dishes such as jerk chicken strips; meaty ribs; or salt fish fritters.

Jamaican Specials

Cocktails and Coffee

Drinks-wise, it’s not all about two for one cocktails; another Jamaican speciality is Blue Mountain Coffee, which you won’t find anywhere else in Wales. If you do opt for the cocktails, however, you can be assured of a joyful party atmosphere, with steel band and reggae singers both regular fixtures.

Jamaican Jill’s also hosts many local events, from business networking to a recent celebration of Jamaican Independence Day.

“It was amazing – we had so much going on, including a fire breather, Jack Sparrow for the kids, steel drums and all day family fun. We welcomed people from all cultures and at the end of the night we closed with the national anthem, and there was not a dry eye in sight,” says Bernie.

Whatever the event, her staff are always very much involved: Bernie has worked to cultivate a family atmosphere, where everyone enjoys their job.

“We are happy and proud of each other – there’s mutual respect and admiration, and we have a great bunch of people in the kitchen, front of house – everywhere,” she says.